Many of the people that seek naturopathic care are looking for preventive advice in optimal aging and wellness or for specific advice in the treatment of symptoms.  Even without a specific complaint or illness, naturopathic medicine can be utilized to prevent illness, provide optimal wellness, and decrease the rate of aging.  Dr. Whittington wants everyone to feel and look their best, naturally.  Patients learn what signs and symptoms point to physical stressors, habits, and nutritional deficiencies that are causing them to not be optimally well, and symptoms are tied together for a holistic picture.


Many others seek natural support for such common complaints as PMS, menopausal symptoms, thyroid issues, weight loss, headaches, high cholesterol, chronic pain, reflux, mal-digestion, musculoskeletal pain, or virtually any other health condition.  Again, this is achieved through the use of lifestyle changes, nutritional and botanical supplements, hormonal therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrients by IV and injection, and medications when necessary.  In short, nearly everyone can benefit from naturopathic care.