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I had headaches related to neck problems for over a year. While my chiropractor was able to relieve 90% of the problem, the last 10% just wouldn’t go away. This last part was related to the trapezius muscle which had tightened up to adjust to structural problems with my neck vertebrae. One day I joined my wife when she was meeting with Dr. Amy to discuss nutritional issues. When I brought up my neck pain issue she suggested that I try acupuncture. While I admit I was skeptical of chiropractic and acupuncture before this I was willing to give it a try and I am glad I did. The acupuncture treatments have given me relief and I’m finally feeling near normal again. In addition to the headache issue, I also had chronic nerve related pain at the site of an old operation. I lost track of how many different doctors I saw for that pain with no resolution. She also treated that area and at long last I feel near normal there too. I have gotten off the pain medication I have been on for years. If you have a chronic pain problem I would highly recommend that you try acupuncture with Dr. Amy. As a result of the success of my treatment I have bestowed “official hero” status on Dr. Amy.

BK, Alvea Spa


I get asked all the time why I see a Naturopathic/Homeopathic doctor out of state (I live in No. CA) when my insurance won’t even pay for the phone consultations being she is out of state. It is because I trust her,she listens to me, and it seems to be working. I can email her at 2am, knowing she will respond within then ext 24-48 hrs. She understands my thought process, not always an easy task to do, respects my opinion and takes her time with me. I have been in contact by phone, email, and in person for almost 3 yrs. and because of her (and a few other angels thrown in as well as a lot of hard work from me) I have been able to get off and stay off of 6 different psychological drugs! that I had been on for 1-30 yrs. Not to mention a surgically induced menopause 8 yrs. ago. This is nothing short of a miracle. Homeopathy seems to work for me and makes sense to my “beat of a different drummer” type of brain.! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Amy to anyone who wants to find the root cause of a problem no matter how long that problem has been imbedded in your psyche/body.

She has not taken the place of my other medical doctors (a little hard to have a pap test with the miles that separate CA and AZ) but they have complimented each other well. If I have an opinion from my OBGYN, I will email or call Dr. Amy to confer with her. Then the 3 of us can decide the best course of action. By doing it this way, I feel I am getting “all sides” covered and I can feel at ease with my decision. My other medical doctors respect her opinion too as they have seen the amazing change in me over the past 3 yrs. and realize I’m on the right path.

In my opinion, Dr. Amy is truly a gifted and compassionate medical doctor. The Center for Well-being is very fortunate to have her.

KD, Centre for Well-Being

Hi my name is Pam Lawrence and I am delighted to share my experience with bioidentical hormones with other women who might be struggling with hormone-related health problems.! Two years ago my gynecologist suggested I get my blood checked to see where my hormone levels were at.! Needless to say, she called a couple of days later to inform me that my ovaries had “retired.”! She did not recommend any synthetic hormones at that time and suggested I go as long as I could without being miserable.! At the time, I did not know the magnitude of the word “miserable.”

One year later the misery started!! I had day and night sweats (it seemed like hundreds a day and night), mood swings, sleepless nights (I would only get one hour of restful sleep a night), and weight gain.! This went on for one year!! Knowing that I did not want to use synthetic hormones, I did some research on bioidentical hormones and at the same time happened to watch the episode of the Oprah show where she dedicated the entire show to “bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.”! After the show I was sold and I made an appointment with Dr. Amy Whittington who literally saved my life!! To anyone who experiences the symptoms I have, you will understand what I mean.

Dr. Amy had me tested and then treated me with bioidentical estrogen/testosterone cream and progesterone pills.! Exactly one week after taking my bioidentical progesterone pill at night I could tell a difference in my sleep pattern. I thought for a minute it was all in my head because I wanted to sleep just one night without waking up ten times during the night and taking 2 hours to fall back asleep that I kept it to myself. Two weeks later I knew I was not imagining it and I was amazed how much better I felt after a restful night of sleep. Shortly thereafter the cream started working its magic. The horrendous night and day sweats stopped! I just can’t tell you how awesome he has been and what a difference the hormones have made in my life! I can’t imagine ever living without my bioidentical hormones! Without them, I think I’d shoot myself! 🙂 I plan to be on the hormones for the rest of my life because of the way they make me feel and health benefits long term. Thank you Dr. Amy, you’re a girl’s best friend!

PL, Alvea Spa

Dr. Whittington, I just decided it is time to tell you how much I appreciate you. You are a good listener, and you do an excellent job of disseminating information. You obviously stay on top of changing medical data, and your printed handouts are a great resource.  See you next week.

A satisfied patient. LM


I had visited many physicians before being referred to Dr. Amy.  Dr. Amy took an entirely different approach.  She focused on getting to the root of the problem instead of prescribing medications.  Her approach was so refreshing.  I highly recommend Dr. Amy.


MS, Alvea Spa

I have been seeing Dr. Amy for nutritional and supplemental advice for about a year since moving from the East Coast to Trilogy at Vistancia. Since putting her suggestions in place, I have seen my blood sugar go down, and my energy go up. I feel great!.


DM, Alvea Spa

I had been buying supplements for some time but had not focused on the fact that some of these lacked essential ingredients (e.g. fish oil not containing the necessary EPA and DHA and CoQ10 not containing Ubiquinol).

Dr. Whittington identified these deficiencies and helped me get the right products.

It’s simply an issue of getting the right or the wrong supplements and I’ve been fortunate to be under Dr. Whittington’s care.


JC, Alvea Spa


Dr. Whittington is a delightful person.  She listens to you and works with you and your body to help create the best of health for each individual.  She responds quickly to requests and questions, and is more accessible than any other physician I have seen.  I use bio-identical hormones and find her very knowledgeable and thorough in applying her knowledge to each patient’s needs.  I am so glad I found her!