We have a great group in the midst of the Fall 10-day Nutritional RESET. Don’t forget that you can do this program on your own anytime. We run a group once per quarter. If you want to go it alone, just schedule a 15-minute screen with Dr. Amy.


Highlight of the Week: Food Intolerance testing. Many people will come in to see Dr. Amy to see if they might have intolerances to foods. Simple testing can reveal if your immune system responds poorly to particular foods. Many people with food intolerances will have headaches, skin manifestations, slow or mal-digestion, or severe seasonal allergies and congestion. Visit the blog for more information and to see other highlights of naturopathic care.


Food Intolerance testing tests for delayed IgG antibodies, and is different than skin-prick allergy testing which tests for IgE. Most people have not been tested for IgG reactions, even if you have seen an allergist. These delayed reactions can take up to 3 to 4 days to manifest, and it can prove nearly impossible to link your reactions to your foods even after many years because of this delay.