I’m getting so many great questions about the program. I’m posting some more details here, but just let me know what you’d like to know!

The program includes a 10 day “RESET” detox program (mostly clean eating so don’t let the detox scare you off) followed by weekly nutritional/wellness classes, along with 2-3 private naturopathic consultations for an individualized plan, two weekly exercise classes, fitness assessments, a fitness pass, and optional B12 injections. It is a great deal!

To join, you start with booking an appointment with me for a 1 hour screen and history (623) 215-6290. You would also attend the first group class at 11 next Tuesday (the 24th) and the program runs from 6 weeks from there.

My seminars cover nutrition for optimum health, from a physiological and biochemical standpoint (I love to teach about how the body works, and I see people make great changes after they understand health and metabolism). Join us!!